• Client: Architects Journal
  • Date: Feb 2013

Any building reception public or private, residential or commercial is required to ensure the security of the occupants as well as the building itself. The primary aspect of our proposition consists of a system that monitors every available space inside the building through a variety of sensors.

At stage one people that are entering the building are subjected to a full body security scan and a biometric identification system relates their data to the database of employees or appointment visitors. Instantly the system notifies every party of an appointment and guides them to the predetermined space.

The second phase of the experience of the future reception requires all people to acquire an RFID bracelet that must wear at all times inside the building. This device allows the building system to monitor the location of the person that wears it and also their vital living signs. If the bracelet is removed the system will be notified and building security will address the issue.

At this stage the full capabilities of the reception system are revealed. If a person carries a smart device, phone or tablet is able to fully connect to the building system and guide himself around, also update meeting locations, retrieve notifications and messages, and for employees a full work flow is available as well. Lightweight helium flying drones are orchestrating a three-dimensional display of the information needed as other general data is displayed on a big matrix that is dominating the surroundings. And for those who find all this technology quite hard to grasp there is a very polite and helpful android receptionist happy to guide or provide any information. Last but not least a full guiding service of laser beam projection is available to help people navigate around for their appointment or project other information.

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