• Client: Municipality of Chios
  • Date: May 2015
Launch Project

ÜBER KREATIVE in collaboration with our fellow architect Mili Kyropoulou won the 2nd Prize in the Architectural Competition of Ideas organized by the municipality of Chios for the design of a public TAXI Station.

The design of the covered waiting area addresses the dual nature of the project: time and space. Space is understood as the intermittent area that forms the necessary predicament in order to communicate with the surrounding area, which stands in the center of the design as the main source of inspiration. Time is understood through its temporary nature on the journey of the subject and there is value assigned to the otherwise “blank” waiting time.

The design draws inspiration by the presence of the emblematic Castle of Chios and the composition of the embrasures. The embrasures are characterized by the sequence of the complete and the blank, the action and the reaction, the visible and the invisible. By using this sequence as a design tool, STASI is responding to the main requirements of a waiting area: shading and weather protection, accessibility, interaction with the urban life.

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