LEGO® Architecture Studio New Kit

Bring your architectural creations to life in LEGO® form with LEGO Architecture Studio. In this amazing set you get over 1200 LEGO bricks and an inspirational guidebook filled with 272 pages of tips, techniques, features, and intuitive hands-on exercises endorsed by leading design houses. LEGO Architecture Studio gives you everything you need to create your very own unique buildings.  Let your imagination guide your design!

Use the monochromatic bricks to help you learn the fundamentals of architectural design in a LEGO context.


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'Never Built: Los Angeles' presents an alternative vision of the US city

No two words were ever so compelling as 'What if?' They evoke nostalgia, hope and curiosity, all of which the Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles inspires with its latest exhibition, 'Never Built: Los Angeles.'

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U House by Jorge Graca Costa

Architects: Jorge Graca Costa
Location: Ericeira, Portugal
Area: 300,00 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: FG + SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

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IKEA Relaunches The Table That Began The ‘Flatpack Revolution’

Before IKEA became synonymous with flatpack furniture, it was a regular furniture company.

It was only in 1956, that the 'flatpack revolution' got started.

According to IKEA, designer Gillis Lundgren was taking the three-legged, leaf-shaped ‘Lövet’ side table to a photo shoot, when he realized that it could not fit into his car. So, he decided to saw the legs off, and reassemble them later.

His boss, IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, loved the idea, and even hired three more designers to develop the concept.

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War Architecture/Bunkers & Paul Virilio | Monuments or Icons?

A recently published photo of Brockholes Visitor Centre, UK, designed by Adam Khan Architects, brought to my mind the controversial bunkers and “bunker archaeology” an article and later a book, written by Paul Virilio. Although bunkers were an important building element during the Cold War, WWI & WWII and an undeniable source of inspiration for theorists and designers, they have now largely become unwanted. But how much are they really littering the landscape?

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Pakta Restaurant by El Equipo Creativo

In the Quechua language of Peru Pakta means “union”; in this case the union of two cultures and their respective cuisines . The interior design created by El Equipo Creativo emerges from this same idea, considering that Japanese cuisine is the basis of the nikkei gastronomy but wrapped in Peruvian tastes, colours, traditions and ingredients. With this in mind, the basic elements of the restaurant such as the bars, the kitchen and the furniture are designed with a clear reference to the architecture of the traditional Japanese taverns.

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Hill House by Denton Corker Marshall

This spectacular new residential project in Victoria's Yarra Valley sits in the midst of a 32-hectare vineyard. Atop a shallow hill that gives magnificant views across the vines, it also creates a striking silhouette against the skyline.

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Super-yacht Adastra by John Shuttleworth yacht designs

'Adastra' is a 42.5m power trimaran which was conceived for a couple (anto and elaine marden) for long range cruising. The yacht uses a trimaran shape that allows it to have multiple hulls. this is the second largest of its kind and can be controlled from a distance with an iPad. The superyacht's aerodynamics and hydrodynamics were carefully considered by John Shuttleworth yacht designs who have drafted a streamlined exterior body whose three hulls are slender in form.

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