Poised Table by Paul Cocksedge

It is made of a thousand pounds of rolled steel, precariously balanced. Gentlemen, let us introduce you to the Poised Table by Paul Cocksedge.

London based Paul Cocksedge Studio is the internationally acclaimed design practice of directors Paul Cocksedge and Joana Pinho.  And their commercial and experimental work is best known for exploring the limits of material, as well as their commitment to technological ingenuity. And this is the magnificently minimal Poised Table by Paul Cocksedge. A table actually so stable, you can stand on the tipping edge, thanks to the wonders of mathematical calculations. Yes, it can withstand holding up a human being without toppling over. Impressive, huh? And as we can see in the pictures below, the British designer is so confident in the strength and design of his Poised Table that he doesn’t mind standing on its edge.

Do note, that the Poised Table has only been made as a limited edition of 10 pieces and will be on exhibit at Cocksedge’s first solo show, Capture at New York’s Friedman Benda gallery through October 12th (the exhibited work includes a large-scale light installation, a collection of dramatic hand-wrought dome lamps, and a series of steel tables influenced by the fragility and flexibility of paper).

About Paul Cocksedge
Paul Cocksedge Shop launched in Spring 2012, offering a collection of signature pieces from this established London-based designer. Each object reflects important aspects of Paul Cocksedge’s work, whether past, present, or nudging the future. There is a commitment to inspire joy and wonder. An emphasis on reimagining and transforming everyday objects. And, above all, constant experimentation with a vast range of tangible and non-tangible materials. http://www.paulcocksedgestudio.com/en/