IKEA Relaunches The Table That Began The ‘Flatpack Revolution’

Before IKEA became synonymous with flatpack furniture, it was a regular furniture company.

It was only in 1956, that the 'flatpack revolution' got started.

According to IKEA, designer Gillis Lundgren was taking the three-legged, leaf-shaped ‘Lövet’ side table to a photo shoot, when he realized that it could not fit into his car. So, he decided to saw the legs off, and reassemble them later.

His boss, IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, loved the idea, and even hired three more designers to develop the concept.

The table is being renamed ‘Lövbacken’ for the relaunch, and will cost around US$60.

Said Emily Birkin, IKEA UK country sales manager, “Most people will have a piece of furniture that they've either built or put together somewhere in their house.”

“But until now, not many will know the incredible story about how it all began with a simple little table.”

"We know from our research that people are becoming more and more interested in buying pieces of furniture that have a story attached to them, so we decided to bring back a popular piece that not only comes steeped in history but combines retro styling with modern convenience."