Hill House by Denton Corker Marshall

This spectacular new residential project in Victoria's Yarra Valley sits in the midst of a 32-hectare vineyard. Atop a shallow hill that gives magnificant views across the vines, it also creates a striking silhouette against the skyline.

Designed by Denton Corker Marshall, one of Australia's most acclaimed modernist practices, View Hill House is a residence pared back to its most elemental forms. The main body of the house is fashioned from two long metal tubes, one aligned north-south and the other east-west. Embedded in the ground is a rectangular box clad in ribs of rusted Corten steel. Raised above it and set at precisely 90 degrees is a second black-clad box, cantilevered elaborately some nine metres over the entrance.

The house forms a compass, naturally, but also a stark, almost dolmen-like symbol on the far horizon. From the outside, the minimal dwelling frames the landscape; this device is also used inside, the glazed ends of the 'boxes' creating panoramic vistas of the rolling hills. Furniture and fittings are similarly low key, with a distinct absence of curves and a reliance of large swathes of simple, monotone materials, like stained strand board and solid balustrades.

The central section of the lower box is given over to an expansive living space, its north-facing patio complete with raise-up sun shade. An office is located to the east, with two bedrooms to the west, while up above lies the master suite, aligned north-south in the cantilever.