“Havana Cabs” by Thomas Meinicke

German photographer Thomas Meinicke obviously loves Cuba. One can sense this simply by looking at the beautiful portraits of old taxis in modern-day Havana he shot for his latest series, called “Havana Cabs”. A selection that offers quite an artful insight into the Cuban daily life. All shots are angled from above, as if the onlooker is actually gazing down at the street from a typical Havana balcony.


In the end, these portraits manage to showcase the great variety of private vehicles that capital residents turned into taxis, to earn their living, handing them down through generations.

Thomas Meinicke (born 1977 inLeipzig, Germany) is a photographer, specialized in photojournalism, street and portraits. In the early 90`s, inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson, he started taking pictures of daily life scenes. During his studies (cultural- and media pedagogic), he become more and more focussed in photography. After the final exam („Aesthetic criteria of contemporary photography“) he decided to work as a freelancer (2004). Currently he is producing for newspapers, magazines, cultural institutions and companies. However, Thomas also realizes own projects worldwide. He is interested in daily life, urban changes and people generally. With photography he tries to create special views or shows moments, which the observer may can`t see or don’t realize.


source: http://www.designfather.com/havana-cabs-thomas-meinicke/